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Edamame DIY Kit
  • Edamame DIY Kit

Edamame DIY Kit

This beer tastes like pea

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    Grow your own Edamame plant

    Here in Blighty we’re used to bar snacks being fatty, salty and just as bad for you as beer. Greasy crisps, pork scracklings, fishy sniffs, and cheese wheels – if they’re rich in calories and light in vitamins we’ll scoff ‘em quicker than you can say ‘myocardial infarction’. But not so in Japan.

    In fact, our cross-continental cousins like their bar snacks healthy, fresh, natural and delicious. The lunatics!

    Oh alright, they may be on to something. And now you can be too, because the Edamame DIY Kit lets you grow Japan’s number one bar snack in your own home. Yes, before you say anything, they’re peapods – there’s not a hint of bacon, cheese or scampi about them. Simply boil the harvested pods, sprinkle with a dash of sea salt and serve. They’re crunchy, juicy, tasty and (get ready for this) good for you!

    box contents

    The box contains everything you need to grow your peas

    The DIY kit comes with an ironically beer-shaped ceramic vase with seeds and suitable growing medium to get you started. Follow the instructions and in a matter of weeks you could have leaves as high as 40cm. Harvest the edamame when you can pop them open with a pinch; and prep them for eating in just a few minutes.

    They’re a delightful, colourful snack to serve when friends are round and the growing plant makes a wonderful addition to your greenfingered collection. And when the warmer months arrive, you can even transfer it to the garden. Now, if we could just grow our own barley and hops...

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