Eco Cup On Ice
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Eco Cup On Ice

Saving the world, one frappe at a time

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    Perfect for any coffee shop frappe!

    Of course *shlurp* we’re all about saving the planet here at Firebox HQ *shlurp*. So when we saw the fantastic Eco Cup on Ice, well, the first thing we thought about was the environment. And not *shlurp* lovely *shlurp* frappucinos. Ahh, chilly caffeine...

    But how could such an innocuous little cup save the planet? Well, think about how many of those flimsy coffee shop frappe cups get used every day. The Eco Cup on Ice has been made to hold exactly the same volume as those cups. So the next time you visit your local coffee house for a your daily dose of chilled caffeine, ask for it in your Eco Cup on Ice. You’ll save them the cost of a cup, and keep one more piece of rubbish off the landfill. Ingenious!

    The rigid acrylic cup is double-walled, so you won’t get any condensation forming on the outside. So no more damp coasters or wet hands. It even comes with its own screw-on lid and straw, just like a regular coffee house cup. Sure it might not save the world overnight, but the Eco Cup on Ice lets you do your bit, one delicious frappe at a time.

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