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Eco Button

The green way to take a break

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    Eco Button

    Sends your computer into an instant deep sleep!

    There are a million ways to help save the world, but not many of them are as cunning as the Eco Button. With just one prod, it'll save you some hard-earned dough as well, so what's not to like? Eco Button will dispatch your computer into a deep sleep like a digital Rip Van Winkle, waking up again as soon as you press any key.

    So far, so simple - but the Eco Button is far smarter than just switching your PC into its regular standby mode. It teaches your machine to shut down all functions that draw power, except from the minimum amount of memory that your machine needs, so you end up running your monitor and hard drive on just 1.8 watts of juice - far less than your normal standby can manage.

    Eco Button

    Plug into a USB port

    Download software from Eco Button Website

    Start pushing that button!

    Just plug the Eco Button into a USB port, and whenever you need to take a break or leave your desk, press the green glowing centre. Your computer enters a special eco-mode that's more like being switched off completely. What you do on your break is up to you and your conscience - but when you're finally ready to hit the grindstone again, the eco-mode switches off instantaneously, with no boring boot-up wait at all.

    Eco Button

    Save Money! Save the Planet!

    Green-minded, planet-conscious computer operatives will love the next bit: whenever your machine is in eco-mode, Eco Button's software measures the exact amount of energy you've just saved, as well as the whole amount you've saved since you started using it. Just check the programme when the computer goes on again and you'll see just how much CO2 - and money - you've managed to save. For a normal user, Eco Button can save up to £50 a year! That's plenty enough for you to buy some hemp undies and a new pair of sandals...

    Eco Button is designed to work on any PC, and you'll only need 5MB of space and 256Kb of RAM to install it. And if you're as concerned about security as you are about the environment, then you'll be able to activate a password-protection function from the ecobutton's software. Every time you go to restore your session, you'll be prompted for a password before the ecomode can be switched off.

    Eco Button

    Monitor your savings using the Eco Button software

    Money saving, secure and green - you'll be hard pressed to find another button with the same credentials as this. While presidents and prime ministers may have their fingers poised over a red button, hover yours over something green and help save humanity!

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