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Echo Bot
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Echo Bot

Who said that?

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    Any movement will trigger the motion sensor!

    Introducing Echo Bot, the boggle-eyed alien with a message. What message? That's for you to know and passers-by to find out, because this wacky thingamabob is actually a stealth voice messenger that can insult, serenade or freak-out anyone who triggers its motion sensor. Brilliant!

    Simply record your message (up to 10 seconds) in Echo Bot's rear mic, position the strange little critter wherever you fancy and wait. As soon as an unsuspecting victim passes within a metre of Echo Bot's eyeball sensor, the recording is activated. 'Oi, get away from my desk, loser!'

    Description Description Description

    Hold down the record button...

    Say your message...

    Place your Echo Bot discreetly!


    Microphone and speaker

    As well as recording intruder-get-lost-style messages you can use Echo Bot to relay messages of love: 'The bloke by the window fancies you,' insults: 'Urgh, you've got a face like a bucket of smashed crabs,' songs: 'Fat bottomed girls...,' or plain and simple memos: 'Dinner's in the dog; I'm out with Pinot and Grigio.'

    Better still, Echo Bot's mic can be used to pick up recordings from your computer or TV. Just hold it near the speaker and Bob's your uncle - literally: 'You talkin' to me?' The possibilities are endless. We just freaked-out the boss by hiding an Echo Bot in the loo. He nearly tripped over his undies when the music to Jaws began emanating from beneath the bowl.


    Don't eyeball me now!

    Thanks to Echo Bot's supremely bendable accordion-style legs and suction cup feet you can be a real sneak when it comes to positioning/hiding your cyclops messenger - and that makes it even funnier because recipients won't know who or what insulted/serenaded/complimented them. Result!

    Echo Bot really is one of the most entertaining, sub-tenner gizmos we've ever seen, and we guarantee you'll be unable to stop playing with this strange alien, at home, school, work - wherever. So come on and hit the Buy button becau...Hold on, who said that?

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