Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Eat & Poo Dog Coin Bank

Loose change

Product not available at the moment.
  • Save your money with this powerful penny-pooping pooch
  • Watch his quivering hind legs as he nervously deposits your riches
  • Pass your loose change through his loose bowels
  • No mess so there's no need to carry around a spare plastic bag
Saving money is a right chore. It's boring. Where's the fun in not spending your hard-earned cash, only to keep it stowed away in a glass jar or cheap ceramic pig? The answer lies with the Eat & Poo Dog Coin Bank.

If money is burning a hole in your pocket, then let it burn a hole in this pooch's powerful digestive tract instead. Just pop a coin in his greedy gaping mouth and watch as he eagerly snaffles it up. His wide eyes dart about, his tail starts to wag and his hind legs begin quivering frantically as he spins round, squats and "deposits" your cherished coin into the box beneath him.

Is this penny-pooping puppy straining or just excited to excrete your riches? Who knows. Now every coin you save is a joy to behold (and there's no need to carry a plastic bag around with you).

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