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Eat Fit Cutlery Set
  • Eat Fit Cutlery Set

Eat Fit Cutlery Set

Love food, hate exercise?

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    Workout at breakfast, lunch & dinner!

    ‘Hup two three and slice two three and munch two three and scoop two three.’ Nope, we haven’t gone bonkers. We’re just doing a few reps whilst we scoff din dins with the supremely silly Eat Fit Cutlery Set. ‘Ooh, yeah, feel the burn!’

    Heavy in concept and reality, this cutlery/dumbbell mash up is designed for fitness fans with a sense of humour as it can (sort of…actually, probably not) help you to eat yourself skinny. It’s the perfect pressie for gluttons in need of a work out.

    the whole set

    The full set consists of a knife (1kg), a fork (1kg) and a spoon (2kg)

    Destined to revolutionise the diet industry (maybe) each high quality chrome utensil is hand made. Choose from the 1kg per piece Knife and Fork Set or work up a real sweat with the Full Set, which includes an almighty 2kg spoon (‘cos eating dessert is naughty and you must be punished). ‘Now drop and give us twenty…peas on your fork.’

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