Easter Cookie Mix Jars
  • Easter Cookie Mix Jars

Easter Cookie Mix Jars

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    biscuit close-up

    Easter Bunny Biscuits

    Avoid the commercialisation of religious festivals this year and spare a thought for what Easter is really about: the persecution of Saint Egg by the Romans. But if all those chocolate eggs are proving a bit samey, don’t worry. We’ve found a way to celebrate this ancient bank holiday without letting up on the goodies.

    Easter Cookie Mix Jars make whipping up a batch of biccies as easy as pie. Easier, actually. Pies can be tricky. These gorgeous sealed glass jars are packed with everything you need to bake 18-20 cookies. And we’re not talking cardboardy digestives either. Choose from either the Easter Bunny Biscuit Mix (with bunny-shaped cutter) or the Mini Egg Cookie Mix to take your baking straight into the big league.

    mini egg cookies close-up

    Mini Egg cookies

    All you need are eggs, butter and a little can-do attitude. Follow the instructions on the label and mix together all the ingredients; spoon them onto a baking tray; and pop ‘em in the oven. In twelve minutes (or thereabouts) you’ll have a batch of home-baked biccies to rival any shopping centre cookie shack.

    Brilliant as a gift (or an emergency kit when friends call round), Easter Cookie Mix Jars take the ache out of baking. Go on, give ‘em a try!
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