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Easter Chocolate Pizza
  • Easter Chocolate Pizza

Easter Chocolate Pizza

Fancy a pizza choccy?

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    Close up of the Chocolate Easter message

    Happy Easter!

    Who says pizzas have to be all doughy and cheesy and made by men wearing stripy tops and a big ‘taches? Not us, because this 10” disc of luxe yumminess is made from quality Belgian chocolate by skilled chocolatiers wearing half-moon spectacles and brown work coats (probably), and it’s just as delicious as it looks.

    Never one to bow to convention, the Easter Bunny has decided to shake things up a bit this year by binning the eggs and creating this yummy Easter Chocolate Pizza. A 10” milk chocolate base is showered in milk chocolate shavings, Mini Eggs, white chocolate bunnies and a ‘Happy Easter’ disc in the middle, making it king amongst rival Easter confectionary. It even has a scoffable disc bearing the message Happy Easter.

    Close up of the Chocolate Easter message

    White Chocolate Easter Bunny

    Of course you could always tread the traditional route and buy a boring old bar of fruit and nut, but ordering 360 degrees of gourmet naughtiness is infinitely more original, not to mention scrumptious. Pizza made of chocolate…what’s not to like?

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