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Earth Globe Lamp

    Earth Globe Lamp

    This is Planet Earth

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      There's something ever-so-slightly supervillain-ish about the gorgeous Earth Globe Lamp. In fact, this captivating table lamp wouldn't look out of place sitting next to the piranha tank of any world domination centre.

      Earth Globe Lamp

      Geography, only interesting!

      And that can only be good, because most megalomaniacs seem to possess an innate sense of style: witness the lairs of Dr Evil, Blofeld, Scaramanga, Lex Luthor et al. Swish? Just a bit!

      But even if you're not an evil genius bent on global conquest, this stunning lamp is an ideal addition to any home or office. Providing wonderfully calming ambience wherever you choose to put it, the Earth Globe Lamp is a beautiful frosted glass globe featuring a slowly spinning image of our planet (that's Earth if you're reading from Mars). This clearly defined image is projected onto the outer sphere from within the lamp itself to give a seriously mellow effect.

      Earth Globe Lamp


      Mains powered, the Earth Globe Lamp looks just like a regular (but highly stylish) spherical table lamp when switched off. The gently revolving continents can only be seen once you switch it on. This gives the lamp a rather cool dual personality - a bit like the aforementioned criminal masterminds.

      Earth Globe Lamp

      He's got the whole world...

      As far as stylish mood lights go, this 10" orb is up there with the best; you'll never tire of watching the world slowly turning against a glowing backdrop. It really does set the tone in any room and we guarantee guests will go gaga.

      Sadly you'll have to wait until you're alone before you can caress it with your metal hand and go "mwah hah hah!". One day the real thing could all be yours; for now you'll have to make do with the Earth Globe Lamp. We don't expect you to baulk, we expect you to buy!

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