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    Looxcie on it's own

    No need to hold a camcorder

    How many great moments have you missed because you were busy trying to capture them on camera? Whether it's blowing out the candles, surprise parties, graduation ceremonies or wedding speeches – these moments will only ever happen once. So make sure you’re involved!

    As for capturing them on video, don’t worry! The Looxcie II Ear Cam will do it all for you. This ingenious little video camera records everything you see and hear by hooking neatly over your ear – leaving your hands free to steer, clap, or carry the cake!

    Close up

    Sees what you see

    Recording in 480p VGA video, this lightweight camera is brilliantly simple to operate. There are no LCD screens and all the functions are automatic. All you need to do is hook it over your ear and press the record button. Then forget about it! The built in 4GB memory will store up to ninety minutes of footage, or up to five hours at lower resolution.

    Close up

    View what you're recording
    on your smartphone

    And the best part? If you have an iPhone or Android Smartphone, the Looxiemoments app lets you view what the Looxcie II is seeing in real time and instantly upload, edit and share your video online. So if anyone misses the party, or doesn’t believe you just saw Sasquatch, you can send them the proof straight away.

    Also pretty handy when you're on the move, the Looxcie II will also double as a Bluetooth headset. Just sync it with your Bluetooth device and enjoy handsfree calls between takes.


    (From L-R) USB cable, ear pieces and attachments and the main unit

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