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EZVision i-Theater

It's like mainlining movies

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    Futuristic shades that you can watch movies on are usually the stuff of far-fetched films and episodes of Star Trek. But as with mobile phones, voice-activated computers and cloaking devices (what, haven't you got one?), science fiction has now become science fact.

    That's because iTheater is a stunningly impressive piece of eyewear that allows you to watch whatever you like whenever you like, in the privacy of your own…erm, head. Simply put on the sleek, lightweight goggles, bung in the integrated earphones and prepare to be totally blown away by a fully immersive audiovisual assault.


    Does not repress laser eye-beam powers

    Ingenious optical trickery causes iTheater's twin TFT LCD monitors to replicate the effect of watching a massive 50" screen from a distance of 8.5ft. Don't ask us how - apparently it's got something to do with optical alignment, binocular display and pupil size. All we know is the effect is like having a home cinema grafted on to your retinas - amazing! And there's no need to strain because the dual screens cause eyes to focus at 2.5m.

    iTheater works with almost any video source (iPod, DVD, laptop etc.), making it an all-encompassing hour-cruncher on long journeys (assuming you're not actually driving). Yes, you'll look like Geordi La Forge, but who cares about that when you're totally absorbed in the latest blockbuster/game/video. Besides, twenty years ago mobile phone users looked like Captain Kirk. That's progress.

    iTheater's power supply holds up to 8 hours of juice, so you won't have to leave your virtual world to search for batteries. It really is the ultimate travelling companion - there's even a handy USB charger for all you roving laptop lovers.

    Apart from welding a 50" plasma to the end of your hooter and chucking a black sheet over your head, we can think of no better way to completely immerse yourself in a movie. So hurry up and hit Buy. The future's so bright, you just gotta wear iTheater!

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