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EVOKE DAB Digital Radio

    EVOKE DAB Digital Radio

    Video killed the radio star? We think not!

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      With all the jaw-dropping technology currently available to music fans it's easy to forget just how important good old radio is. As well as providing us with the phattest new choons, the airwaves have brought us pivotal moments in history, live and uncut, plus genius broadcasters such as Kenny Everett, Pete Tong, Mark & Lard and, of course, the mighty Pat Sharp.

      evoke 2

      Today, the choice of stations is truly mind-blowing, so why make do with a substandard receiver that sounds like a wet WW2 wireless? PURE Digital is the world's leading manufacturer of DAB digital radios and they've been good enough to furnish Firebox with a sizeable shipment of two of their latest and greatest designs. Evoke radios are superbly stylish, portable blocks of genius, filled with state-or-the-art, third-generation DAB digital technology, giving you interference-free radio and unique DAB features at an affordable price.

      evoke 1

      The Evoke 1 and 2 radios both boast a digital scrolling display showing track titles, artists' names and full programme details. You can also select stations by name not frequency, and a handy one-touch autotune feature identifies all available channels (up to 55 DAB stations). For even more choice, the stereo Evoke 2 also receives FM, so you won't miss out on your favourite non-digital local stations.

      Display closeup

      Sound quality on both models is absolutely incredible: the hiss, crackle and fade associated with AM/FM is non-existent, and the clarity, separation and detail are truly astonishing. With their subtle retro styling, real wood veneer and metallic finish, Evokes look as good as they sound. Who needs unnecessary, Harry Big Button-style nods to modernity when you sound like this?

      Although both models are supremely light and portable, the Evoke 2 can even be battery operated for additional DAB flexibility. We really can't overemphasise how astounding these radios sound. Then again, writing about radio is as futile as dancing about architecture. Evokes have to be heard to be believed, because portable radio never sounded so good.

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