ECCO GPS Keychain
  • ECCO GPS Keychain

ECCO GPS Keychain

Never get lost again

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    ECCO GPS Keychain

    Small and stylish

    Can't remember where you parked your car? Having trouble finding your hotel? Searching for your tent in a downpour? It's not your day, is it? But don’t despair because the ECCO GPS Keychain is here to show you the way.

    This staggeringly small GPS system is set to revolutionise the way you find your way back to…well, wherever it is you started. No more asking strangers for directions only to forget what they said. You won't even have to memorise landmarks or phone your mummy crying in desperation. Or is that just us? Think of it as a hi-tech breadcrumb trail without the breadcrumbs.

    How to use the

    Lock your location

    Get totally lost

    Let the GPS guide
    you back!

    ECCO GPS Keychain

    An easy way to find your
    tent at Glasto!

    Simply 'lock' in your starting location, go do your thing, then follow the ECCO's idiot-proof LCD display. You'll be tucked up before you can say 'I'm sure I turned right at that big tree.' Cooler still, the ECCO will store up to three locations, so you can find your way back to your remote guesthouse via the pub with a quick pit stop at that kebab shop you stumbled across the night before. Result

    ECCO GPS Keychain

    Dude, where's my car?

    ECCO GPS Keychain

    Honey, I'm sure the hotel was here somewhere...

    Unlike many cutting-edge GPS devices you don't need a doctorate in cartography to use the ECCO. Just follow the on-screen arrow. It even estimates the distance to your selected destination. And with a tracking range of up to 9,999 miles, even the most intrepid/stupid traveller will have no problem finding their way back to the mother ship.

    Despite its diminutive dimensions, the ECCO utilises the very latest GPS technology. Satellite acquisition time is 30-60 seconds max, and it is accurate to within 10m. And if you can't spot your car/tent/buried treasure from that distance, we can only assume you are very thick, very drunk or both.

    ECCO GPS Keychain

    ECCO GPS Keychain

    Can save up to 3 different locations

    The ECCO's internal battery recharges via USB, but don't worry about lugging your computer around because the charge lasts for a month on standby and approximately 2 weeks if you use it for ten minutes every day. But let's be honest, if you need to use a personal SatNav device on a daily basis you'd be better off getting your mum to draw a big L and a big R on your shoes. Or staying in and watching Jeremy Vile.

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