E-SK8 Board

    E-SK8 Board

    An electric skateboard? Like, what a buzz, dude!

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      Due to the nature of this product, we briefly considered writing the following review in Skaterese. Thankfully we decided not to, because words such as gnarly, rad, twisted and phat would look frightfully wackÂ…sorry, last-century on any site as up-to-the-minute and cutting-edge as Firebox. But then again, forget the daft slang; the actual skateboard itself has started to look a bit long in the tooth lately; anyone who knows their Tony Hawk from their Rodney Mullen, or their Kryptonics from their Hobies will confirm that all has been quiet on the skateboard innovation front for some time now.


      That's why your superflyÂ…sorry, staggeringly cool friends here at Firebox recently decided to scour the globe for a new and exciting twist on everybody's favourite iconic plank of fun-on-wheels. And check it out dudes; we've scoped one out! Er, sorry, we mean guess what, we've discovered one!

      e-sk8 board: motor

      The incredible e-sk8 is a 4ft-long aluminium 'streetcarving' board with a nifty electric motor tucked under its handsome tail! Simply push the button on the front of the board with your leading foot (goofy or fakie – you decide) and the 120w motor engages, propelling you along the pavement at speeds of up to 12 km/h. Okay, so that's not exactly warp-speed, but it's fast enough to save you developing Schwarzennegger-style thighs, as you'll no longer need to push your way along flat terrain.

      e-sk8 board: button

      A 24V battery (charge time 4-6 hours) powers the belt-driven motor beneath this sleek and sturdy cruising machine, giving the e-sk8 a range of up to 10km – an impressive distance for such a small machine. The motor is activated by a foot button in the nose of the board - just press to go! Easy as pie, after a bit of practice...

      e-sk8 board: front wheels

      The e-sk8 carves and turns superbly thanks to its double-jointed truck system, so you can skate, cruise or carve your way along with ease. It's obviously not going to bust moves like a normal skateboard, but you will look equally cool gliding along effortlessly without a care in the world.

      e-sk8 board

      When you press the foot button the e-sk8 will go slowly at first and then speed up after a few seconds, hopefully preventing you from toppling off the back, which you might if it zoomed up to full speed straight away. Clever, eh? All in all, the e-sk8 is a seriously entertaining bit of kit, and all you brutally wicked thrashers out there will be awesomely stoked by its sickness. Which, in plain English, means the e-sk8 is really rather good.

      PLEASE NOTE: The e-sk8 cannot be shipped outside the UK. We apologise for any inconvenience.

      The product is despatched without any added packaging around it, so there is nothing to disguise what it is. Please bear this in mind if you intend to give it as a present!

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