Summer Sale 2018
E-Charger Flying Machine

    E-Charger Flying Machine

    Handheld plane sensation

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      Summer Sale £3 off! US fun company Spinmaster, are, despite their name, masters of the flying toy. There maybe isn't the market for toys that spin, and Flymaster sounds like an insect repellent, so they've made a good choice. They've also made the E-Charger, a plane launched from the hand and powered by 10 seconds of charging from a neat charger, held in the other hand. As simply as that, you can be commanding (in a sense) a toy plane which flies further than virtually all other toy planes without a radio controlling them.

      This is, most definitely, an outside toy. And even then, that 'outside' has to be pretty much tree-free. Designed to fly anything up to 100 yards, if you were to attempt an E-Charger flight in a walled area, expect it to be your first and last. It's not that the plane is fragile - the foam body is designed with many grass landings in mind - it's just that it will fly a long way every time you charge it up and lob it into the breeze.

      E-Charger's only drawback is that the operator must wait at least two minutes between charges. But bearing in mind the distances this thing can manage, it's going to take at least that length of time to retreive the plane after its flight has ended.

      Less bulky than other flying machines of its kind but no less impressive, E-Charger is the toy that delivers emphatically on its simple promise of being a tremendously entertaining park plaything that flies.

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