Dye for Down There
  • Dye for Down There

Dye for Down There

Get the red carpet treatment

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  • Specially formulated colour dyes for "the hair down there"
  • Includes a stencil so you don't accidentally dye your genitals
  • Safe no-drip formula made from natural ingredients
  • Match your curtains, drapes, carpets, rugs, anything you want!


Shaved is out. Hairy is in. Forget Brazilians and "manscaping". It's all about au naturale. However this doesn't mean you can't add a little colour to the proceedings.

Whether you're bored of staring down at the same short and curlies, fancy surprising your partner or just want to cover up a few rebellious greys – add a splash of colour with the Dye for Down There.

With this specially-formulated dye for your privates, both men and women can fix up their colour co-ordinating games.

Available in a selection of hues, and made with natural ingredients, the easy no-drip formula gives you the perfect finishing touch. Whether it's carpet, drapes, rugs, curtains or erm...skirting boards(?).

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