Duff Beer 24 Can Pack
  • Duff Beer 24 Can Pack

Duff Beer 24 Can Pack

The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems

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    You’ve slaved away all day at the power plant. It’s time for a beer! So grab yourself a cold one from the Duff Beer 24 Can Pack and celebrate like everyone’s favourite all-American layabout. Woo-hoo!

    Based on the iconic beer from the longest-running scripted US TV show in history (fact), this 24 can slab is ideal for superfans, slobs and careless nuclear safety inspectors. Enjoy it from your favourite spot on the couch, or turn up to a shindig with this crate under your arm. Your fellow guests will be d’oh-ing in delight all night.

    Alright, so this refreshing and mild(ish) 4.7% lager might not be as all-American as its cartoon counterpart. Believe it or not, it’s German. But that’s just as well, because we all know German lager trumps American beer every time.

    So forget hauling your beaten-up family wagon down to the local convenience store (and stay away from those reheated hot dogs). If you can't get enough of this wonderful Duff just click the Buy button and we'll deliver beer directly to your door! Mmm... beer.
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