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Ducti Wallet

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    Yes, we know most wallets are a bit poncey, dull and corporate, but you can't go on stuffing your wonga, shrapnel and plastic into your back pocket forever. Especially at your age. Besides, we've just discovered a wallet that renders all other pocket-sized cash containers obsolete. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Ducti.

    And before you ask, no, the Ducti's not one of those gaudy 'Look at me, I'm a gnarly surf dude who lives with my mum,' style Aussie affairs. Nor is it an 'I'm all grown up, look at my designer wallet,' job either.

    New! Coin Classic
    Ducti Wallet

    The Ducti is, however, the most innovative, practical and attention-grabbing wallet we've ever seen. Why? Well for starters it's handmade out of Duct Tape. Yes, that kind of Duct Tape - the industrial strength stuff that plumbers, drummers and prop-forwards use to tape things up. Indeed, this ludicrously versatile tape has even been compared to the Force, as it has a dark side, a light side, and it holds the universe together.

    Ducti Wallet

    The unbelievably urban, trendsetting Ducti has been brought to you by a collection of über-creative stylemeisters who obviously had a surfeit of spare time and a few thousand rolls of duct tape. Their creation is currently taking the underground scene by storm and we recommend you grab your Ducti as soon as possible, because this silvery slice of industrial-chic is set to become the must-have pocket-sized receptacle for holding ones folding, especially amongst all you street-smart fashionistas.

    Ducti Wallet Generous folks that we are, we're stocking three types of Ducti. First up, there's the Classic: this ingenious duct tape wallet has a classic bi-fold design (hence the name) with nickel plated grommets. And, unless your surname's Abramovich, it's big enough to hold all your green and a few cards. Next up, is the new Coin Classic: perfect for all those pesky coins. Its zip-up coin compartment will keep them in check.

    The Ducti really is one of the most impressive, wow-factor-packed items you can pull out of your pocket without being arrested. And the fact that it's made from everybody's favourite heavy-duty tape makes it infinitely more durable than most regular wallets. So what are you waiting for? Fork out for a Ducti. It's what your money was made for!

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