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Duck Separator
  • Duck Separator

Duck Separator

Quackers concept

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    They're either kissing or being greedy!

    Love ducks, hate greed? It sounds quackers but the ingenious Duck Separator has been developed to help all you park-based bread-chuckers feed your favourite ducks whilst excluding pushy, greedy ones. Getting the duck out has never been easier.

    Simply aim the barrel pondwards, pop your chunk of bread in the Separator’s food chamber and pull the trigger. Ker-plop! When the duckies start swimming towards the floating bread all you do is pull the trigger again to open the telescopic hoops over your favourite quacker as it nears its soggy treat. Hey presto, an instant exclusion zone that allows your duck of choice to enjoy its breadfest in peace.


    Waddle all the other ducks think?

    If you don’t fancy firing your bits of bread from the shooter you can always practice your aim by simply chucking them before ensnaring your preferred duck. The whole exercise is incredibly therapeutic, especially when the greedy ducks outside the separator start quacking in green-eyed fury. Ooh, you should see the looks on their beaks. Quack!

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