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Duck Popper Popcorn Maker

    Duck Popper Popcorn Maker

    Duck me! This is the finest popcorn popper in town

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      Along with Daffy, Donald and Orville, this brilliant popcorn maker is destined to become a legend in the already overcrowded annals of comedy Duckdom. Of course, everybody loves fresh popcorn and we've all seen home popcorn makers in the past. But believe us, there's something unfathomably hilarious about a plastic duck spewing freshly popped corn out of his open beak. And that's precisely what the Duck Popper does. Simply fill our feathered friend's hat/measuring cup with kernels (available from all good supermarkets - and some bad ones too), pour into his head, plug him in and wait. Within minutes he'll be propelling perfectly popped corn from his beak at an astounding rate, so make sure you've a good-sized bowl to hand.

      Before you know it, you'll have a mountain of hot, mouth-wateringly fresh popcorn, ready to be salted, buttered, chocolated, or whatevered. Delicious, and best of all you don't have to visit the local fleapit and sit through a boring blockbuster amidst the stench of hot dogs in order to get your mitts on the moreish morsels.

      That said, the Duck Popper is the perfect companion for a night in at the movies. He'll even ensure your lounge has that authentic aroma l'Odeon. The only downside is having to wait ten minutes after two consecutive popping sessions in order to prevent Duck Popper from getting too hot and bothered. Then again, after two generous servings you'll probably be spitting feathers, so you'll have enough time to grab a cold one before he's ready to blow again.

      Duck Popper's great for the office too. And because he operates using hot air there's no need to use any oil, so the only greasy thing at work will still be the boss. Duck Popper really is set to become a party classic. Not only does it produce the ultimate scrumptious snack, it's also incredibly good value and, just like Keith Harris, funny for no discernible reason. Ducking marvellous!

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