Duck Hunter
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Duck Hunter

You’re dethpicable!

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    Launching the duck by hand

    Launch the duck - then shoot it down!

    Shhh… be vewwy, vewwy quiet. We’re hunting ducks. But before you phone the RSPB in disgust, we should point out that the duck in question is a comedy quacker, and our weapon of choice is an infra-red pistol that resembles something out of Toon Town. Ooh, ducky!

    Yes folks, this is Duck Hunter and it’s one of the silliest, most addictive playthings you’ll come across. Simply charge up the cartoony-looking duck by plopping it on the battery-operated pistol for ten seconds, then toss it in the air and attempt to shoot it down as it flies around in a haphazard (or straight, according to setup) fashion for up to 20 seconds, flapping its wings as if its life depended on it. Which it does!

    The duck hovering
    Gameplay is simple: three direct hits from the bang-banging shooter’s beam will disable the duck, causing it to fall to earth. Quack! Each direct hit wobbles the duck mid-flight so you’ll know when a nosedive is imminent. But don’t worry, this ultra-light quacker is made of flexible foam so it can withstand thousands of undignified visits to terra firma. Ouch!

    The gun reloading with sounds

    Pump action reload with sound!

    Just like a genuine duck hunt, your weapon must be reloaded between each shot, pump action style. You’ll even hear a reload sound every time you cock the slider. It’s just like being on a real shoot, minus the sadistic Elmer Fudds in prattish tweed.

    Hilariously entertaining, both indoors and outside, Duck Hunter can be played alone or with friends. It’s guaranteed to have you hopelessly hooked after just one go. Blasting away at a mental airborne waterfowl? What’s not to love! In fact, along with Daffy, Donald and Orville, this has got to be one of the daftest flappers in the history of duckdom. Bang!

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