Dual Play MP3 Player

    Dual Play MP3 Player

    The play-anywhere MP3 player

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      With 128MB out of the box giving around two hours of space for music (double with the 256MB version), the Dual Play is one of the most highly specced MP3 players on the market. It's shaped like an audio cassette for good reason, and there's more than just the power to play digital music inside its shiny frame.

      A USB connection enables quick transfer of tracks from PC to player, and the simple, supplied software also makes the download process a quick and painless one. Once tune-filled, the Dual Play can then be used in one of two ways. Pop it into any tape deck (a car charger is supplied for continual vehicular play) and the music will play through that tape deck and connected speakers. It's a brilliant innovation, as MP3 has until now been confined to personal players and computer hard drives. Want to play someone your recent downloads? Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, my friend...

      Naturally, the Dual Play also works as a neat personal MP3 player, with decent in-ear headphones supplied. Unnaturally, it also acts as a digital voice recorder, an extremely handy feature which may mean you actually remembering those brilliant ideas that pop into your head on the bus.

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