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Drumming Hippies
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Drumming Hippies

Hit me baby one more time

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    Ronald Reagan defined hippies as people who "dress like Tarzan, have hair like Jane, and smell like Cheetah." We can't condone that amusingly antiquated view but we still can't stop giggling when we see groups of hippies walloping drums. Such behaviour was semi-acceptable back in San Fran circa '68, but this is the Noughties for Jimi's sake! And Glastonbury ain't Woodstock, man.

    Drumming Hippies

    Blondie + Baldy

    That said we've been utterly charmed by Drumming Hippies - and so will you be. Looking a bit like those trolls that used to sit on pencils at school (ouch!), these charming little battery-powered layabouts play along to the tunes that blast out of their infra-red risers. Simply push the button and dig the beat, baby.

    Drumming Hippies

    Afro and Baldy engage in some wireless walloping

    Drumming Hippies

    Ginger + Afro

    But that's not all: like most hippies these colourful fans of counterculture like to hang out and jam. If their infra-red sensors detect fellow Drumming Hippies in the vicinity they'll play along to the same tune. Better still you can create a full-on festival of percussive pandemonium by connecting several Drumming Hippies together. Like, crazy!

    Drumming Hippies

    Stack 'em!

    Dressed in suitably hippie-esque garb, Drumming Hippies are impossibly cute and make great desktop companions. You might even be tempted to turn on, tune in and drop out yourself. Indeed, we've been enjoying the company of Drumming Hippies for some time now and the Firebox pad is fast becoming a boho hangout, full of peace-loving gadget-freaks.

    Truth be told, we're currently surrounded by a semi-circle of naked yoghurt-knitters who are chanting a mantra as we write: "Buy Drumming Hippies…Buy Drumming Hippies…Buy Drumming Hippies…Ohmmmmmm…"

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