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Drop The Beat

Rap game insane

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Drop The Beat
Love it as much as we do?
  • There’s nothing quite as satisfying as spontaneously spitting some fire bars
  • Drop rhymes on ANYTHING in this mad rap party game
  • Finally, an excuse to rap at a party without coming off as obnoxious
  • Turn your dreams of secret hip-hop stardom into reality
  • Don’t mess up your flow or you’ll get brutally buzzed out!


You’ve been privately rapping to your favourite songs for years, it’s time to show your quick-witted fast-tongued talent to the world. Or maybe just whoever’s at your house party.

Drop The Beat will have you taking turns to rap about whatever comes up on your random topic card. You can tuck that prepared set of bars back in your pocket, you’ve got 30 seconds to come up with some sick lines about anything from birthdays to bodybuilders, Santa to spaceships. Smuggle the word on the ‘Worrrd’ card into your rap for bonus points.

Not got many rhymes? Don’t worry, the topic cards come with a bit of inspiration to keep you going. That said, if you get tongue-tied, the other players can call an end to your set with the included buzzer, force you to have another go from the top, double your rap time or challenge you to another topic. No pressure!

30 seconds doesn’t sound like much, but time flies when you’re not freestyle rapping.

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