Drinkup Carafe and Glass
  • Drinkup Carafe and Glass

Drinkup Carafe and Glass

Bedside babushka

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    Pulling the lid off

    The lid becomes the drinking glass

    Reaching for a glass of water in the middle of the night is hardly one of life’s most exciting moments. So why not add a dash of traditional Russian flair to proceedings with the Drinkup Carafe and Glass.

    Why not indeed because as well as resembling a Matryoshka (or Russian stacking doll) this hand-blown glass carafe incorporates a handy drinking glass. How? Simples (are those meerkat things even Russian?) because its ‘head’ is a drinking glass and its ‘body’ holds just the right amount of water for quenching your midnight thirst. Put it on your bedside table or even on your desk – well it beats bottles of water. Singing old Kate Bush numbers is completely optional.

    Now comes the bit where we make a Russian-flavoured joke and tell you that you can always fill this high quality receptacle with vodka. But as a responsible family retailer we could never advocate an act of such rank stupidity. Nostrovia!

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