Draw Something Stylus
  • Draw Something Stylus

Draw Something Stylus

It’s a tie, a bow tie, A TIE IN!

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    Close up of the pencil

    Go on, draw something

    ‘What’s that? You want us to draw something? Ok… what’s the game called? Yes, but what’s the game called? Oh fine, don’t tell us then.’ As with most offices across the world, work has officially ground to a halt at Firebox HQ while we play the latest iOS/Android craze to give Angry Birds a run for its money. For anyone not yet in the loop, it involves drawing pictures of familiar objects. And usually, not very well. Until now, at least.

    Because for anyone wanting an edge in this increasingly competitive doodly arena, the Touch Screen Stylus comes in pretty handy. Made with an electro conductive silicone tip, it can be used on any touchscreen device to lend a little extra accuracy to your gaming. Not to mention general browsing and writing emails and texts. ‘No… I have to do a BIG SHOP. I don’t know any bishops.’

    Touch screen stylus pencil
    Sure, you can wave around a silver-plated, needle-thin number that slots neatly in your blazer, if you want to. But if you’re looking for a tool to boost your drawing prowess, why hide it? This thoroughly cartoony stylus is lovely to hold and makes doodling a doddle. And no, that oversized rubber on the end can’t undo – you’ll have to take the shame of restarting your drawing like everyone else.

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