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Get 10% Off our Top 50 products

Draw Lamp

See things in a new light

Product not available at the moment.
  • One lamp, infinite possibilities
  • Sketch on your own elaborate designs
  • Write passive-aggressive messages for your partner
  • Scrawl down all your mad ideas in the middle of the night
Can't afford that splendiferous Venetian crystal night stand? Chances are that it wouldn't fit in with the rest of your room anyway. The Draw Lamp removes these financial shackles and enables you to possess any light you desire. The only limitations are your own potent imagination...and drawing abilities.

Sketch your own elaborate designs on this simple and stylish white ceramic lamp shade with a bulb-shaped cut out. It's your beautiful, bedside blank canvas to do with as you please.

Draw pictures, write passive-aggressive messages for your partner, scrawl down all you those mad midnight ideas that you keep on bloody forgetting.

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