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Draught Beer Chill Dispenser
  • Draught Beer Chill Dispenser

Draught Beer Chill Dispenser

Time please, gentlemen!

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    Mmm…draught beer. Don't you just love it? The problem is you have to visit your local drinking emporium to enjoy the lovely stuff. Yes, you can buy cans from the offy but they're simply not the same, are they? After all, a perfectly poured pint is the most beautifully crafted beverage known to mankind. Probably.

    So wouldn't it be good if you could pull your own ice-cold amber ambrosia whenever you fancy? With the Draught Beer Chill Dispenser you can do exactly that, and you won't even need to leave the house.

    Simply hook up your bevy of choice (using a standard 5 litre keg) and prepare to be amazed as this sleek, self-cooling electric gizmo delivers your beer in genuine draught fashion, ice cold with just the right amount of fizz. It's even got a proper tap and drip tray. Beer fest? Not half! Indeed the Draught Beer Chill Dispenser makes many a pub tap look decidedly old-fashioned.


    Glass holder tray

    Unless you live above a pub, ownership of a Draught Beer Chill Dispenser is guaranteed to increase your popularity and improve your social life*. It's also ideal for those moments when you fancy a genuine draught beer but can't be bothered with all that frantic fiver-waving down the pub. And even though you still have to buy the beer, the dispenser will pay for itself in no time as the mark-up on lager in the pub is becoming increasingly ridiculous.

    Still not convinced? Consider this: with the Draught Beer Chil Dispenser to hand you could be glugging ice-cold beer, right here, right now, and it wouldn't even be your round when you've finished. Get 'em in. Mmm…lager!

    * This sentence is in no way legally binding. Or particularly true.

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