Dragon Head Chalice
  • Dragon Head Chalice

Dragon Head Chalice

Goblet of Khalees(tea) and a slice of Drake

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  • Care to have a tipple from this Drogon?
  • Feel Smaug with this treasured chalice
  • Giant scale, ideal for a Wildling ale or the finest wine from Dorne
  • An absolute must if you're starting up your very own dragon cult


Chalice’s are historically associated with religion, Jesus and the last supper. Used as a symbol in peaceful rituals, an idealistic tool designed to bring pacifiers together to share a respectful drink over love and understanding. Not this beast. The Dragon Head Chalice will alight a flame within you to divide and conquer, grind your enemies bones beneath your heels and scorch their remains to a cinder.

Ahem, this goblet will help quench one's thirst but may enrage your hunger for power. Better dunk a bickie.

There are few liquid containers that can match the scales of this ceramic behemoth. Raise a toast, present it to your lips and become the mother (or father) of dragons. Whether you treasure red or black, don't fret, you won't be forced to leave it chained up in the basement or go through the trauma of feeding it live goats.

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12 Reviews

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  • "I got this mug for my brother and he loves it! It seems to be of good quality so that's great. It's a tad hard to hold but overall it's nice"
    Amanda - 12th of January, 2018
  • "Much larger than expected. Big enough to drink the blood of your enemies, and soup."
    Rachel - 7th of December, 2017
  • "Excellent packaging arrived fast! Perfect for my geek friend!"
    Jimi - 16th of November, 2017
  • "Looks pretty cool, the pictures online were accurate. Pretty sturdy mug. Ticks all the boxes!"
    Cassandra - 26th of May, 2017
  • "Awesome mug, nice and big holds about 2 cups worth of coffee and surprisingly light considering the size! "
    Mark - 23rd of May, 2017