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Dragon DX Skullcandy Goggles
  • Dragon DX Skullcandy Goggles

Dragon DX Skullcandy Goggles


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    We’ve all stared down the barrel of a black run and felt our nerve give a little. But whenever these uncharacteristically-sheepish feelings strike, we like to ask ourselves ‘What would Eddie Van Halen do?’ Well now you can ask him, with the Dragon DX Skullcandy Goggles. Armed with this hard-wearing headgear you can listen to your favourite music even when you’re miles from the nearest après bar.

    The tough polyurethane goggles have a dual layer of face foam for superior comfort and ventilation. But it’s the lenses that set them apart. The chemicals used in the advanced anti-fog coating were originally developed by NASA. Super strong and long lasting, this same stuff has protected the helmets and visors of astronauts. So a little snow won’t bother it a bit!

    Feed the goggles’ strap through the arms of the Skullcandy headphones and the whole lot will stay put on your noggin, even in the toughest conditions. Throw a mobile or MP3 player in your backpack and you’ll have all the musical inspiration you need for those daredevil black runs. So what are you waiting for? Might as well jump!

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