Dragon APX Frameless Goggles
  • Dragon APX Frameless Goggles

Dragon APX Frameless Goggles

Maximum vision, minimal bulk

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    wearing googles

    The Infinity Lens gives you an uninterupted view and increased peripheral vision

    As well as looking incredibly ungainly, most ski and board goggles cut out a fair amount of your peripheral vision. And flimsy performance sunglasses simply don’t cut the fondue when it comes to sub-zero, snow-splattered conditions. It’s gotta be goggles all the way. So why not go minimalist next time you hit the chairlift with a pair of ludicrously cool Dragon APX Goggles.

    Despite their radical all-lens appearance, APXs are actually state-of-the-art wintersports goggles. The difference is they are completely frameless, so you’ll look like a cyborg Bono every time you rocket down the slopes. How so? Well unlike regular goggles the APX’s face-hugging triple-layer foam surround is on the inside, covered by a vast expanse of gleaming lens. Clever, eh!

    Easy to change the lenses:

    Pulling lens from frame removing lens pushing in new lens

    Use index finger and thumb to pull the lens from the frame

    Remove lens from left to right

    Push new lens in using the clips starting from the middle

    But it’s not all about aesthetics (although it kind of is) because thanks to Infinity Lens Technology these revolutionary goggles offer increased peripheral vision – sideways, upways, downways, anyways. ‘Ooh, big moguls!’

    hard case

    Supplied with a hard case to protect your goggles when not in use

    Tested to the max at Dragon’s 12,000ft R&D cabin in Colorado, APXs are capable of withstanding the harshest, most technically demanding conditions and feature Super Anti Fog Technology that is said to last twice as long as other anti-fog goggles. The ionized lenses even react to light levels so you can continue tearing up the slopes when everyone else has gone for a massage. Is that good or bad? What’s more, armoured venting prevents moisture being absorbed into the foam surround.


    (L-R): Available in Blue Steel Ionised and Red Ionised with Jet Frame

    Available in two colours, Red Ion and Blue Steel (insert Zoolander joke as required), Dragon APX Goggles come with a bonus yellow tinted lens, ideal for Low Light, Blizzardy & White out conditions. We’ll even throw in a hard-wearing case so you can keep your precious goggles safe when you’re stumbling round some après ski bar, gluhweined to the max. Can’t see where you’re skiing? Should’ve gone to Firebox!

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