Drag Queen Bingo
  • Drag Queen Bingo
  • Drag Queen Bingo
  • Drag Queen Bingo
  • Drag Queen Bingo

Drag Queen Bingo

Good luck, and don't f*ck it up

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  • Get the most Bingo Bucks to be crowned Queen
  • Look out for other players trying to sabotage your success
  • Suitable for 2-8 players
  • Charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent optional


If you're yet to experience a night of Drag Queen Bingo, this is your chance to enjoy this sassy and competitive game in the (relative) comfort of your own home.

Be the player with the most Drag Queen Bingo Bucks after five rounds of Bingo and be crowned “Miss Bingo Queen of the Universe” – simple right? But watch your back, just like any half-decent drag race, you're going to have to keep the other players from sabotaging your success.

Gentlemen, start your engines! And may the best woman win.

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3 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Upside - Everything! Downside - No tiara for the winner! Couldn't live up to the title? Yes, it does! 'It's ONNn, baby!'"
    - 9th of May, 2019
  • "Good product"
    - 6th of December, 2018
  • "It was a birthday present that provided lots of laughs and fun over the weekend"
    Kimberley - 27th of July, 2018