Dr Who Phone Flashers
  • Dr Who Phone Flashers

Dr Who Phone Flashers

They're for you-Who!

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    Dr Who Phone Charms


    Have you got a mobile phone? Do you love Doctor Who? If the answer is a double affirmative - and letÂ’s face it, unless you're some kind of icon-hating technophobe, it should be - you need a Doctor Who Phone Charm.

    Just like MoPods, these clever little charms flash and spin every time a call comes in. But unlike MoPods each transparent dome comes direct from Gallifrey by way of Skaro and contains a Tardis or a Dalek. And if you're a genuine Dr Who freak, it doesn't come much more iconic than that.

    Dr Who Phone Charms

    Spins and flashes when you get calls and messages!

    You donÂ’t need a sonic screwdriver or the brain of a Time Lord to set these handy companions up; simply attach one to your bag, belt or multicoloured scarf and youÂ’ll never miss a call from the Master or a text from the Brigadier again!

    It goes without saying that Dr Who Phone Charms come in handy if you're in a noisy pub, sitting on a clattering train or being attacked by Cybermen, but they also make brilliant desktop/work companions - especially if your phone is in silent mode.

    Dr Who Phone Charms


    Yes, we realise all this flashing Tardis/Dalek business sounds sillier than going to work wearing Sylvester McCoy socks, but Dr Who Phone Charms aren't half as daft as those Bluetooth headsets favoured by middle-management morons. And if you hate missing calls, a flashing blue police box/plunger-wielding pepperpot is infinitely more imaginative than a deafening 'I'm wacky, I am!' comedy ringtone. (And that includes the 24 CTU one, the theme from Grange Hill and the music fromÂ…erm, Dr Who).

    Dr Who Phone Charms

    Attach it to your phone

    More than anything, a Dr Who Phone Charm is one mobile peripheral that is actually extremely practical - and you can't say that about your average collectable thingamabob. So hurry up and hit buy before our entire shipment gets sucked into a parallel dimension.They're for you-Who!

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