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Dr Who Cybernetics

I ain’t got no body...

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    circuit close-up

    Use the circuits to build the Cyberman

    That’s typical of the Doctor – he’s blown the Cybermen to smithereens! Except this time, he’s actually not to blame. The Cybermen at Stonehenge have been attacked by local warriors. Now it’s up to you to reanimate the only survivor (if you can call it a survivor) with the Dr Who Cybernetics kit.

    Using different circuit boards you can reanimate this detailed Cyber-head to perform one of three functions. In Infra Red mode you can activate it with your household TV remote. In Object Sensitive mode it will activate when it detects movement. Or in Light Sensitive mode it’ll switch on when it detects light. Pretty handy as a security guard, just don’t get too close.

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