Doxie Go Smart Scanner
  • Doxie Go Smart Scanner

Doxie Go Smart Scanner

Go out for coffee, scan the papers...

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    Screengrab of software

    Automatically sync your scans to cloud applications like Evernote

    Find someone with big arms and ask them to throw out your old flat bed scanner. We’ve discovered a high-tech alternative that’s so small you can carry it around with you.

    So simple that even your Nan could use it, the Doxie Go Smart Scanner will sit happily on any desk, workstation or trendy coffee house table. Just switch it on and feed your documents through. In seconds this battery-powered gizmo will scan and save your data to an SD card, USB flash drive, computer or laptop. And it’ll handle more than just crisp A4 sheets, too.

    Feed it receipts, train tickets, business cards, bills, bank notes, flyers, photos, pancakes, your colleague’s tie, all sorts! Ok so we might have got a bit carried away, but who can blame us when it’s this easy to use.

    feed the scanner animation USB close-up software screengrab

    Scan your pics or documents

    Connect to your computer via USB

    Save, send and upload to your cloud

    Includes sleeve for glossy photos

    Use the photo sleeve for better scans

    With an SD card or USB flash drive connected, this battery-powered gizmo will scan things even when you’re miles away from your computer. When you get home, simply connect the Smart Scanner to your computer via USB (just like a digital camera) and upload your scans in seconds.

    The included software makes storing, managing and editing files on your computer an absolute doddle. From the easy-to-use interface you can even publish your scanned files to the Cloud! Download the free CloudApp onto an iPad or iPhone and you can access your files anywhere in the world. Ok, that might confuse your Nan a bit.

    Rear view

    USB port and SD card slot for storage on the back

    With the Smart Scanner connected to your computer you can adjust its settings. Choose to save scans as PDFs, JPGs or PNGs and set the resolution as high as 600dpi. So whether you’re scanning a black and white receipt or colour photo, it’ll be sure to look sharp. And if the colours, brightness and contrast aren’t quite to your liking, the software will even help you to tweak them, too.

    Carry pouch

    Comes with a handy carry pouch

    Taking up less bag space than your laptop’s chunky power cable, the light weight Smart Scanner is vital for anyone working on the move. And it saves you having to fire up the computer every time you need to quickly copy something. So that notepad sketch from your business lunch? Saved. The important phone number on a napkin? Logged. The photo of your old scanner flying into the skip? Immortalised forever.

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