Doughnut Pool Float
  • Doughnut Pool Float
  • Doughnut Pool Float

Doughnut Pool Float

Glazing by the pool

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Oversized doughnut pool float that looks good enough to eat
  • Delicious pink strawberry glaze and multi-coloured sprinkles
  • Apologies for the comedy-sized bite mark
  • Heaps more fun than a boring rubber ring
  • Can you take it swimming without licking your lips?


Instead of gorging on a gluttonous mound of unhealthy food and ravaging your chiselled beach body this Christmas, why not keep one eye on next summer and satisfy your over-sized sugar cravings with the Doughnut Pool Float.

Lavishly coated in a pink strawberry glaze and scattered with multicoloured sprinkles, this giant piece of confectionery is perfect for lazily drifting round the pool in – and it's heaps more appetising than a regular rubber ring.

It looks good enough to eat and some greedy pig has already taken a comedy-sized bite out of it, so grab yourself one today before they polish it off.

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