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Douchebag Frames

You’ve been framed (you ****)!

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The Douchebag Frame contains some BIG swears. By clicking on the main image you agree to see those swears. You have been warned!!
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    Sometimes it's best these little captions just let the picture
    do the talking

    You probably know loads of massive *****. But why waste your breath (and your star key) on the worthless pillocks? Name em, shame ‘em and Douchebag Frame ‘em!

    Designed to celebrate, mock and even champion the unutterable twits in your life, this gorgeous wooden photo frame has been lovingly engraved (we think) with a stunning selection of insults and expletives in various attractive fonts. You know, stuff like total fornicator, pranny, seeker of relief and person with dung for brains. Only worse. Much worse.

    Back view
    Simply insert a standard 4”x6” photo of your favoured victim (preferably acting the berk) and present at a suitably choice moment. Genius! It’s a great gift for stag nights and birthdays. You can also give a Douchebag Frame the morning after a horrendously embarrassing night before. Just make sure the room’s busy. The possibilities are endless. After all, everyone makes a…erm, silly billy of themselves once in a while. So get ordering and leave no douche unframed!

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