Double Shot Dart Blaster
  • Double Shot Dart Blaster

Double Shot Dart Blaster

Cocked and loaded!

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    Eject the used shells!

    It could be argued that firing foam darts all over the place is an infantile waste of time. It could also be argued that it's one of the most spectacularly entertaining wastes of time known to man. We're firm believers in the latter. And that's why we're always searching for new weapons to shove in our comedy bang-bang armoury.

    Step forward the mucho-macho Double Shot Dart Blaster. This walloping great shotgun-style blaster is a fearsome, one-of-a-kind weapon that's all set to re-write the rules of inter-office target practice. Why? Well for a start the DSDB (gotta use abbreviations for weapons this cool) has one of the most realistic actions we've ever seen on a dart-firer. It 'breaks' open and even spits out the shell casings after firing. G-gung-chik!


    This gun means serious business

    Detail shot of reloading ammo

    Time to reload

    Best of all you can let rip with both barrels. Simply insert each harmless sucker dart into its shell, and then load the two chambers. To cock the blaster just pull down on the barrel chamber - this automatically compresses the high-powered springs and readies the Double Shot Dart Blaster for firing. After taking your shot, repeat the loading action and you'll see the empty shells eject. Ping ping!

    Unlike a real shotgun the DSDB is accurate – to a range of almost 33ft – and its sophisticated trigger system enables you to fire two darts at the same time from each barrel, or in succession. This means you can sucker your target from behind the water cooler and reload before the boss spots you. Result.

    Contents: darts and shells

    Each gun includes 4 darts and shells

    Okay, we know it's a bit Looney Tunes-looking but you'll soon forget about that when you're re-enacting your favourite shotgun-related movie scenes; Hicks in Aliens, Arnie in the Terminator, Carter in Get Carter - you'll have a blast. Literally. Boom boom!

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