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Walk all over me!

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    Generally speaking, buying a doormat is about as interesting as, well, buying a doormat. In fact, when it comes to dull but necessary household items, doormats are right up there with toilet brushes, washing lines and sink plungers. A shame, because the humble doormat is the first thing most people look at when entering your home. And let's face it, although they do the job, those plain brown ones are pretty uninspiring. For this reason we set out to find a more eye-catching object on which to wipe our feet. And, after much searching, we now find the answer sitting on our own doorstep. And it could be on yours, too!


    Wipe your feet

    Shoe Max Doormats are beautifully made mats featuring a selection of quirky designs. Made from 100% coconut fibre with anti-slip rubber backing, Shoe Max mats are destined to become the doormats of choice for connoisseurs of the fine art of foot-wiping everywhere.


    Members Only

    But what of the designs? Well, for starters there's "Members only" - perfect for people who wish to hint at their selective houseguest policy without plastering the porch with ugly signs.



    "Heart" is perfect for hopeless romantics who want to be swept off their feet as they wipe them. If you're looking to spruce up the entrance to your abode and impress guests the minute they arrive, the answer is quite literally on your doorstep.

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