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Don't know why I love you...

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    We've seen some strange looking dolls in our time but Dooodolls really take the cake. Looking a bit like something Picasso might have created in needlework class following a few glasses of Rioja, these quirky collectables are fast becoming must-have huggables amongst fashionistas, design aficionados and doll-lovers in the know.

    Created by renowned Malaysian graphic artist, Darren Chen, Dooodolls (yes, that is Dooo with an 'ooo') have been crafted in 'two-and-a-half dimensions' - a reference to their somewhat flat, un-plumped-up nature. Hand-stitched in soft polar fleece and adorned with bizarre expressions, Dooodolls really make no sense at all. And that's precisely why you'll love them.


    There are several Dooodolls to collect, including Numero (a gobby character with a number on his chest), Mr Nerdie (a tie-wearing weirdo with a fixed grin), Orange Butch (a four-legged thingamabob with a nasty set of gnashers), Beary Fishy (a bonkers bear carrying - you guessed it - a fish) and finally Cupido (a lovestruck lummox who wears his heart on his chest).

    As you can see, Dooodolls are utterly hatstand, but for some unknown reason they're impossibly cute and cuddly. They also work rather well as abstract scatter cushions on the sofa or bizarre desk mascots. What's more, they're unlike any other dolls around - a definite plus in the 'my doll's weirder than your doll' stakes.

    Best of all Dooodolls are phenomenally fashionable and are currently causing a stir amongst arbiters of cool across the globe. We include ourselves in this group, and so should you. So get ordering before our Dooodolls sell out and become Don'tdolls.

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