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Doodle Tablecloth
  • Doodle Tablecloth
  • Doodle Tablecloth
  • Doodle Tablecloth

Doodle Tablecloth

Eating in the drawing room

Product not available at the moment.
  • 100% washable cotton
  • Includes set of washable markers
  • Available in two sizes
  • Graph paper design for easing drafting and amateur architectural drawing


Looking like something out of a giant’s school desk, the Doodle Tablecloth is crafted from 100% cotton and resembles an oversize sheet of graph paper, complete with a set of (normal size) washable markers.

Perfect for daily doodling, tea-time tasks or a special sketching soiree the Doodle Tablecloth means you can customise place settings, make up menus and even let diners critique your culinary accomplishments. (Then shout obscenities and banish them forever.)

Available in two sizes, made from pre-shrunk cotton and including a set of washable-ink pens; it’s easily cleaned and lets you bring endless creative opportunities to the table.

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