Don't Wake The Dog
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Don't Wake The Dog

Down, boy!

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    Do you love ridiculously suspenseful games that anyone can play? If the answer is 'woof!' you're going to love Don't Wake The Dog. This daft but deeply amusing game sees players taking it in turns to pinch bones from a slumbering bow wow's bowl without waking him up. So far, so barking.

    Don't Wake The Dog


    The thing is this particular pooch is of the aggressive, 'almost bite your hand off if you so much as breathe near it' variety. And almost bite your hand off he will, because if you make a dog's dinner of retrieving the bones, the sleepy hound will wake in an instant, lurch forward and growl. Rrrargh!

    Don't Wake The Dog

    Pick a card

    The idea is to pick a card and then use the comedy cat paw tweezers to remove the number and colour of bones shown on the card. The first player to collect all their bones without waking the dog wins. It's a bit like Buckaroo meets Operation - with teeth!

    Don't Wake The Dog

    Use the tweezers to pick up the coloured bone

    You never know what will set the tetchy dog off - that's what makes the whole thing so fist-bitingly exciting. Best of all this snoozing mutt resembles the bad-tempered bulldog from Tom and Jerry - you know, the one that always ends up being pampered by Tom having spent the previous three minutes treading on rakes, swallowing dynamite and being walloped by massive frying pans. We digress. The point is, it's as hilarious as it is scary when this ferocious canine goes for you.

    Don't Wake The Dog

    Dem bones


    Don't Wake The Dog


    Brilliant at parties and post-pub shindigs, Don't Wake The Dog is even more amusing/nerve shredding when players are in an advanced state of liquid refreshment, as the whole bone-picking business becomes increasingly tricky. In fact as far as 'steady hand or else' games go, Don't Wake The Dog is up there with the very best. We've yet to find anyone who can resist having a go. So hurry up and get ordering befo...Rrrargh!!

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