Don't 'P' Me Off

    Don't 'P' Me Off

    The fun way to inconvenience loo-users.

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      Discovering there's no toilet paper when it's too late is as funny as it is annoying. Because let's be honest, we've all got an amusing 'and then I realised there was no loo roll' tale to tell. And everyone has had to perform that undignified waddle to the cupboard under the sink at some point. (Haven't they?).

      Don't 'P' Me Off In fact, as far as toilet humour goes (and as long as you're not the one left stranded on the porcelain throne), a lack of loo roll is right up there with the infamous cling-film-across-the-bowl joke. Of course hiding the toilet paper is all well and good, but, besides being slightly pernicious, it's hardly imaginative, is it?

      Don't 'P' Me Off With this in mind, we decided to look for a loo roll-related product that could amuse, confuse and bamboozle toilet-users without inconveniencing them too much. Thankfully, our privy-related prayers were soon answered in the gloriously devious shape of the ingenious Don't "P" Me Off puzzle.

      Don't 'P' Me Off This Machiavellian contraption is essentially a toilet roll holder that really holds the roll. By that, we mean it won't let go of it until wannabe wipers solve the pesky puzzle that locks it within. A tempting piece of toilet paper is left peeking from the wooden encasement, but the puzzle part has to be undone before 'users' can get at the roll. The whole thing looks pretty easy, but Don't "P" Me Off will only come apart and release the roll if a weighted cord is disentangled in a very specific way.

      As well as providing a healthy dose of toilet humour at soirées, Don't "P" Me Off is a great little diversion to play with whilst sitting on the loo, and it's far more entertaining than reading air freshener instructions or staring aimlessly at grout lines.

      Don't 'P' Me Off In fact, Don't "P" Me Off is a brilliant addition to any japester's bathroom and it's guaranteed to wipe away smug smiles, especially on the faces of self-anointed puzzle experts. After all, loo seats can really chafe after a couple of hours! (Firebox cannot be held responsible for loss of friends due to inappropriate use of Don't "P" Me Off).

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