Don't Cut The Cheese
  • Don't Cut The Cheese

Don't Cut The Cheese

Don't snap the trap

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    The last time we saw a great big comedy mousetrap it was causing all kinds of mayhem in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. And yet, believe it or not, playing Don't Cut the Cheese is even funnier than watching poor Tom swallowing an ironing board, getting his teeth smashed by a pool cue, stamping on a rake, or even having his tail stuffed in a waffle iron. And that's pretty funny.

    Don't Cut The Cheese

    Mmm, cheesey

    The idea is to nibble the cheese without snapping the trap. How? Well, as you can see, the big old spring-style mousetrap has been set using a strip of cheese (okay, it's yellow paper but use your imagination). Players take turns to flick a spinner which determines how many 'bites' they must take out of the cheese. They must then 'nibble' the cheese using the special mouse biter - essentially a hole punch disguised as a toothy comedy mouse.

    Yes, you've guessed it: the loser in each round is the one who breaks the cheese and snaps the trap. Everyone else must draw one scoring token. Whoever gets all three coloured cheese tokens wins.

    Don't Cut The Cheese

    Spin that wheel

    To say that playing Don't Cut the Cheese is a bit tense is like saying deactivating a thermonuclear device with a spoon is slightly nerve-racking. Fair play you're not risking global annihilation, but when that strip of cheese is perforated to the max and you have to take three more nibbles…well, the tension is worse than watching an episode of 24 on a faulty telly.

    Don't Cut The Cheese
    Perfect for kids, this spectacularly daft game is also ideal for immature adults (that'll be all of us, then) as the concept can be grasped in seconds. It's also a great way of deciding forfeits, especially when your dexterity has gone all doolally thanks to a few pints of loudmouth soup. We haven't played a game this absurdly exciting for yonks, and neither have you. So get ordering and remember, Don't Cut the Cheese!

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