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Don't Count On It
  • Don't Count On It

Don't Count On It

Show me the money. No, really!

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    Don't Count On It


    Cash, wonga, folding, readies, dosh, dough - call it what you like, money is the root of all evil. That's as maybe, but this worn-out quote is actually incorrect. The correct maxim - as taken from the Bible - is "the love of money is the root of all evil." On reflection this could be even worse, because we've yet to meet anyone who doesn't absolutely adore cash - especially when it's a gift.

    Don't Count On It

    Cash out

    That's why we were highly amused when we clapped eyes on Don't Count On It. This ingenious wooden puzzle is a brilliant way to give money and is infinitely more amusing than shoving a few notes in a birthday card. Why? Because after initially laughing at your twisted sense of humour recipients will soon be squirming and begging for the solution. We've seen grown men reaching for the hacksaw in frustration.

    Don't Count On It

    You can also enclose tickets

    Without giving too much away, this gorgeously constructed brainteaser utilizes magnets somewhere along the line - but we're not telling where or why. As well as banknotes you can also enclose tickets, gift vouchers or any other paper-based present. There really is no end to the fiendish fun to be had. Indeed, even if you only shove a fiver inside, we guarantee friends will be queueing up to try their luck, because as far as greed-related japes go, Don't Count On It is right up there with the old glueing-the-coin-to-the-pavement prank.

    Don't Count On It

    Wonga protector included

    Best of all, as well as giving someone you love (or don't, as the case may be) a bit of wonga, you're also giving them a gift they can use again and again. After all, it's only money. Isn't it? (Before you ask - no, the money's not included).

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