Don't Break the Bottle Original
  • Don't Break the Bottle Original

Don't Break the Bottle Original

Make wine lovers whine

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    lock close-up

    How do you get it out of there?

    Drinking wine is one of life's greatest pleasures. Ergo, not being able to open the flippin' bottle is one of life's greatest frustrations. So imagine how exasperating it would be if you couldn't even get at the actual bottle in the first place.

    But how could that happen, you ask. Well, quite easily really. All you need is a Don't Break the Bottle puzzle. This fiendish brain bam-booze-ler (see what we've done there?) is an ingenious gift that will amuse and infuriate, depending on whether you're giving or receiving. Simply lock the bottle of your choice in the puzzle's seemingly impenetrable embrace and present to your host/victim.

    base close-up

    Makes a nice stand too!

    At first glance, this maddening contraption appears easy to solve. In fact, recipients may even titter at your thinly-veiled malevolence and applaud your twisted sense of humour. But not for long. After a few failed attempts, they'll be pulling faces worthy of The Hulk trying to do a Sudoku. And, as full on dipsomania sets in, they'll be begging for the solution. (Walking out at this point is a seriously good joke).

    As well as being a brilliant party gift, Don't Break the Bottle is ideal for storing that special bottle of wine when thirsty visitors call. It also makes a great dinner party offering, as hosts will be so flummoxed and amused they'll probably overlook the fact that the plonk you've locked inside is el cheapo vino collapso. Best of all hosts won't know whether to thank you or throttle you, making Don't Break the Bottle perfect for friends and enemies alike. Cheers, chin chin, bottoms up and don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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