Dogobie Flying Disc
  • Dogobie Flying Disc

Dogobie Flying Disc

Fetch! Keep fetching!

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    random colour choice of blue or yellow

    Available in blue or yellow

    For many dog owners, playing Fetch can be a blessing and a curse. It’s a great way to play with your dog and tire them out. But all that throwing and chasing can be just as exhausting for you too. Which is why we like to take the Firebox Dog on long walks with the Dogobie Flying Disc.

    Max proof

    Strong but soft and great for teeth

    From the boffins behind the record-breaking Aerobie, this soft rubbery circle has a specially-designed lip around the edge. Not only does it make the Dogobie super stable in flight, it’s also gentle on your dog’s teeth and easy for them to pick up. Plus, it’ll go much farther than you can throw a tennis ball, with far less effort. Ready... go get it!

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