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Doggy Snack Pack
  • Doggy Snack Pack

Doggy Snack Pack

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    One tub of Puppy Pizza and
    two flavours of Doggy Popcorn

    Lassie, Digby, Old Yeller, Kujo... Cinema has seen its fair share of dog movies. But not so many canine customers coming to watch them. Is it because dogs can’t see in 2D? Maybe. But we’re inclined to think it’s down to the unsatisfactory choice of doggy snacks available in the lobby. Seriously, Pick ‘n’ Mix? How will they use the scoops?!

    Well, to correct this injustice and give movie-loving dogs the snacks they deserve, we’ve found the Doggy Snack Pack. Created just for dogs, this collection of tasty treats includes two tubs of 100% naturally flavoured popcorn in lip-smacking chicken or liver. Yum! What’s more, the third tub is a whole other taste sensation, bringing together chicken, cheese, herb and cranberry (cranberry?) in pizza-shaped biscuits.

    Far more fun than a boring old bone, the Doggy Snack Pack is ideal – when they’re not watching movies – for training and the occasional treat. Hang on a minute, why can’t we have chicken popcorn?! That sounds amazing.

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