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Doggie Driver
  • Doggie Driver

Doggie Driver

Swing when you're flinging!

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    Doggie Driver


    Chucking sticks for your doggie to fetch can be a bit dull after the seven millionth throw. And although it's highly entertaining for Fido it can be dead boring, not to mention mighty tiring, for all you dog owners.

    Perhaps that's why we love the Doggie Driver so much. Resembling a particularly beefy golf club, this hefty ball flinger makes playing fetch fun again - for you and your dog. Simply swing it like a standard driver (with a full and even follow through) and the tennis ball sitting in the club head will fly up to 100 yards - far further than your girly throwing technique allows.

    Just think, armed with this ingenious device you can perfect your swing without hitting the driving range, and give your doggie a wooftastic workout in the process. Of course stupid dog owners could always let Rover loose down the local golf course but we wouldn't advise it - being frogmarched around the bunker by the club secretary carrying a trowel and a plastic bag is seriously humiliating. So we hear.

    What with all this vigorous swinging and flinging, you'll be pleased to know that you won't even have to bend down to pick up the ball - just push the club head against the tennis ball for a spittle-free reload. Clever, eh?

    Despite its doggie-centric design, this golf club/ball chucker really can help you to hone your swinging technique. And because it can be used as part of your bow wow's regular exercise routine you'll be able to use it every day. Best of all your beloved four-legged friend will have the time of his/her life racing after the ball and (hopefully) returning it to you for another shot. And another. And another. Fore!

    Doggie Driver

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