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Doga: Yoga For You and Your Dog

Downward Doge

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  • Master the art of Doga with your bezzie mate (your dog)
  • Doga is yoga for dogs. If you don't know this we can't be friends
  • Incorporate your pooch into your yoga practice
  • Strengthen the bond between you and your hound
  • Grab your four-legged friend and master The Doggie Twister
Behold Doga. Yoga for you and your dog. No, really.

Following the basic principles of a Ashtanga Vinyasa style-yoga, yoga veteran Mahny Djahanguiri has adapted this ancient discipline to suit your furry pal.

Why Doga? Not only does it keep your derrière in smashing shape, it'll help your pooch sleep better, it aids digestion, builds trust, deepens your bond and lowers anxiety - plus - your canine bud serves as a reminder to engage your core, apparently.

Packing a marvellous array of colour photos and super-simple to follow instructions, this mindful novella walks readers through the practice of Doga from start to finish, from individual poses to massaging your pup after a sweaty sess'.

You'd be barking mad to miss it. (Sorry.)

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  • "My dog isn't as good as the one in the book. Perhaps you could start selling yoga proficient dogs too. Book 5/5. My dog 0/5."
    Carly - 15th of March, 2016